World Farmers Organisation: Blueberries most dynamic commodity

With a global growth of 9%, blueberries doubled the increase recorded in 2012 and tripled that of the fruit industry in general.
In 2013 the top five markets that led the growth of this commodity were Australia, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Venezuela. The United States, the largest market in the world for blueberries, remained stable due to saturation and only Italy reduced its market quota, though marginally.


European Court Experts, Advisory Board

European Court Experts, Advisory Board

The price has been the biggest obstacle to the growth of the demand for blueberries. However, due to the constant increase in supply in recent years, it is expected that prices will slowly decrease.

Euromonitor estimates that the volume of blueberries are expected to increase by 40 % by 2018, reaching over one million tons. The markets where there should be substantial increases in the levels of consumption in the coming years are Singapore, Philippines, Norway, Sweden and Malaysia.

In Europe, sales volumes remain low, although countries like Spain, France and Italy are among the largest producers in the world. In Latin America, Brazil is an underdeveloped market for bluberries due to the large number of other fruits that are produced and marketed in the country.